FingerBaton Hangboards

Our Story

FingerBaton Hangboards are small UK based hangboard workshop, individually crafting beautiful training products for climbers.

It is fair to say that 2020 has seen many weird and not-so-wonderful hangboard creations! We began production in 2020 too, but our story started long before and has allowed us to create a product that is up there with the best.

FingerBaton came out of a promise made several years ago, to make a Hangboard for a fellow climber and designer. It took the life-pause of 2020’s lockdown to finally get the custom-made CNC tools needed (to do the job right) finally made. The timing was good though, as our friend was also in greater need of a fingerboard. And so, the first Baton was born!

It would have ended there, but the FingerBaton turned out very well and got quite a response on social media. It turns out that a hangboard that is discrete and attractive AND the foundation of a serious training system, is something many climbers have been looking for. We began talking to Bison Grips who compliment the brand perfectly and started to hone the design. We have added the 'juggy' sloping edge to the top, greater rounding to the pockets and perhaps most exciting of all, the ability to hang Bison Grips pinches and pullies from the underside of the board itself. We also added the ability to easily reduce pocket depths, allowing the board to adapt with an individual climber's training programme and strength gains.

We have many more ideas in the pipeline but are so excited to offer the FingerBaton Hangboard to the climbing community. We hope you enjoy using them as much as we enjoy making and using them ourselves! Please get in touch and let us know what you think.

Hangboard Features

Fingerbaton image

make training a pleasure

A hangboard is the essential training tool for climbers looking to strengthen their fingers and push their grade. Our Tulipwood boards are kinder to your skin than resin and the curved features make training a 'pleasure'! Our custom designed CNC tools allow us to precisely cut our boards from a single piece of hardwood, before they are painstakingly hand finished.

fingerbaton image

warm up, pull up

The in-cut top rail and rounded edges of the FingerBaton provide comfortable edges when pumping out pull up reps, warm up hangs or core exercises.

fingerbaton image

pockets + edges

We have focused on a few genuinely useful edges rather than clutter the board with minor variations. The 35mm pockets are great for beginners, warm ups and pullups and the 20mm for hangs and fingertip pullups. The pockets are wide enough that you don’t have to cram your fingers in, or gain assistance from the sides!

fingerbaton image

central edge

The 11mm central edge can be hung alone or made easier by combining it with one of the others in an offset position. If you want a 15, 10 or even 5mm edge then simply add take5 blockers to taste.

System + Accessories

bolt ons


Using the two M8 threads on the underside of the board, pullies, pinches, monos etc. can be conveniently hung without further fixings being required. Compatible eyebolts are available to purchase with your board, simply screw them in, and you're good to go.

take5 blockers

take5 blockers

FingerBaton is adaptable, adding Take5 solid oak blockers to the pockets reduce their depth by 5mm with each one you add so the board can adapt as your fingers get stronger. Hidden magnets hold them in place on the board while you train and the notch allows them to be popped free.

bison grips pinches

Bison Grips pinches

Combine with Bison Grips Pinches for the ultimate home training setup. Pinches can be comfortably hung from the integrated M8 threads allowing pinch hangs, offsets and combined workouts.

look after your skin

look after your skin

Our hardwood boards are kinder to your skin than resin anyway, but Take5 blockers come with a tough emery backing, doubling as handy skin files. They can help you to tame calluses and protect against splits. Whether kept ready with your board or taken with you to the crag or wall, they've got your back (well, fingers).

Where to buy

All of our products are avaiable from the Bison Grips shop - just click the bison below!

Contact us

We would love to hear from you. You can contact us via instagram or email us